Protect your loved ones from winter.

There are so many homeless dogs on road are living harsh life in all seasons.But winters play its strongest role every year.We all should take care of these kids around us by giving little contribution.I was alone when i used to go on roads to check dogs in my area in winters to place sacks and try to cover them with sheds and warm jackets.

Now i have my small team members who helps me for the same.,and i am reaching out many places to protect them from cold weather.

This winter i found goats too ,for them i made a jacket from old blankets it was a beautiful experience.


We regularly check our kids after rain in winters.To keep their fur dry and healthy.

  1. By providing turmeric milk and jaggery.

  2. By giving suppliments to gain energy in this harsh weather.

  3. By Giving blankets and jackets ( only to community dogs because you can't keep an eye on every dogs on road

  4. We visit vet or call paravets for regular check-up of a dog who went through any surgery or any kind of medication.

  5. We check temperature of old dogs ,as their immunity gets down in every harsh weather.

Many times our blankets get stolen ,so in video below you can see that we made a wooden house specially for lactating mothers.You can fix the cardboards with nails to make it safe.As for puppies it is very important to protect from rain and in any of the peak seasons,wheather it is summers or winters.

Its not that all shelters,boardings ,NGOs are taking care of stray kids ,we all have to take our little steps for a big change. Its ok if you cannot spend much ,try to give comforts from the waste you have at your home.Use old blankets ,sweaters,bags,wood,cardboards,sheets whatever is available.Your small help for these homeless kids will like a boon to them,they are not asking for ravish life but atleast a life of few comforts they deserve.So be kind be human.

We made many shelters in parking areas and in parks in the supervision of kind guards.Providing with our contact numbers and by giving food to them ,so that a lactating mothers can get food twice or thrice a day and we visit there once a day too for complete morning meal, and to check puppies.

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